Which critical component is obstructing your progress?

Every apparatus or process has one: a critical component that determines, for example, the output, quality or reliability of the whole.

What is the key to breaching limitations or solving recurring problems? Of course, you know your materials and constituent processes through and through. Yet there might be essential questions that are out of your team’s comfort zone. Is that where breakthrough is made?

Sioux Mathware maps it out

Thorough knowledge of multiphysics and mathematics are our powerful tools to track down your critical component. The combination of your expert knowledge in your specific domain and our quantitative expertise creates a new/higher level of insight. Step by step we will detect and model the critical component in its complete context. Together we will optimize materials, designs, software and (constituent) processes on this basis. That way you can tap into that new market, you can meet the demands of that big potential client or your production process will finally run without any hitches. In other words, together with Sioux Mathware you will fundamentally solve your practical problem and you will achieve a lot more.